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The Vice President of Finance manages a sound financial status and maintains continuity of the chapter's financial records including coordinating budget and operational issues with other board members and assuring that the chapter operations are in compliance with ATD's Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE).


TERM: 2 years


  • Attending board meetings: 2 hours plus travel time    
  • Leading Finance committee meetings: 1-2 hours plus travel time
  • Attend at least 50% of monthly chapter programs
  • Communicating with newsletter editor, individuals responsible for website, administrative office and committee members about routine issues: 2-4 hours




  • Establishes and monitors control procedures for the collection and disbursement of funds.  This responsibility includes requiring signature approval by responsible Board members for all expenditures. (Expense Reports) 
  • Arranges for the acceptance of financial transactions including credit cards from Chapter members.  (Such acceptance does not personally monetarily obligate the VP of Finance for such transactions.) ( and PayPal)
  • Uses current and historical information to budget accurately and to identify potential trouble spots in time to make adjustments 
  • Prepares annual Chapter budget with inputs from each Board member. Finalizes and presents the budget at the annual January Board meeting
  • Oversees the accuracy of record-keeping and reporting
  • Prepares and presents monthly report of activities and financial status (e.g. variances in revenue and expenses between actual and budgeted) at the Chapter Board meetings
  • Directs the board’s attention to long-term and short-term trends that may affect the chapter’s membership and financial position
  • Maintains the Chapter’s tax-exempt non-profit status with IRS and local vendors
  • Keeps safety and liquidity factors in mind when investing chapter assets
  • Recruits and trains new VP of Finance


  • Lead the Finance Committee
  • Financial support for Chapter Programs and Special Events


  • Reports all income and expenses to the board on a regular basis
  • Reports on financial status of chapter each January at membership meeting and each month at board meetings
  • Attends board meetings, chapter programs, and regular committee meetings
  • Represents the chapter professionally and ethically
  • Participates in board meetings and chapter meetings, as well as conferences as available (e.g. ATD International Conference, ATD Chapter Leadership Conference (ALC)).


  • Demonstrated experience in budget design, fiscal responsibility and accounting practices
  • Good understanding of operations and finance
  • Ability to provide adequate time for this key position in the chapter including the attendance at monthly board and chapter meetings
  • National member of ATD and a member in good standing with the local chapter
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