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Educational Spotlight: What is your instructional design process?

05 Nov 2015 10:55 PM | Jeff Zoller

Does your organization have a fully-staffed instructional design department? Or does your organization informally create training/education? Regardless of where your organization fits onto the scale of how formal your instructional process design is, the way your organization addresses design provides the basis for an instructional design process.

A good instructional design process facilitates effective instructional design. To evaluate your instructional design process, ask yourself the following five questions:

1. What is our instructional design process? Is it documented? If so, do I have easy access to that documentation? If it is not, why? Can I suggest documenting our process?

2. Does the process we use restrict or enable our instructional designers to use their creativity and critical thinking skills, which leads to creating quality instruction?

3. How do we measure the quality of our work?

4. How do we evaluate our process?

5. How can we improve our process?

Use these questions as a starting point for a discussion with those in your organization who are concerned with achieving quality in instructional design, and move forward from there!

This education spotlight is adapted from a blog post by Dr. Joel Gardner, Instructional Design & Assessment department chair at Franklin University. To see Dr. Gardner’s complete article, go to

To see all blog posts on a variety of instructional topics, go to

Bio: Barbara Carder, M.S. is lead content editor in the International Institute for Innovative Instruction at Franklin University. She completed her master’s program at Franklin as well as the Graduate Certificate for Instructional Design. Carder has been a member of the Central Ohio chapter of ATD for many years, and enjoys networking with other education professionals.


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