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Educational Spotlight with Franklin U: Do your blog posts measure up?

08 Apr 2015 10:40 PM | Jeff Zoller

Blog Assessment

by Barbara Carder, M.S., Franklin University

Do you write a blog? Read blogs? Many education professionals do. Let’s review how we can do a quick self-assessment of our blog posts.  

Blogs can be a great tool to provide information, encourage discussion, or market a product. A blog post is typically no more than 1,000 words and includes a bio of the writer at the end of the post. Prior to submitting your blog post, ask yourself the following five important questions to ensure an engaging blog post: 1

  1. Is my blog title short enough to catch attention but long enough to accurately describe its contents?

  2. Does the first paragraph contain a “hook” to encourage the reader to continue reading?

  3. Have I written the blog in a conversational tone, in short paragraphs, and free of confusing jargon?

  4. Have I included a graphic that relates to the content of the blog and that is properly attributed?

  5. Does my blog invite discussion and/or a call to action?

1 Questions were adapted from Blog Posting Checklist by Lucy Snyder, Franklin University

So, start your engines: Begin blogging! For more information about successful blogging, check out the links below:

Enhance Your Industry Knowledge with Franklin University (platinum sponsor of Central Ohio ATD)

Franklin University’s International Institute for Innovative Instruction (i4) publishes a blog, and our bloggers strive to answer YES to all five questions above. Read the i4 blog

Are you interested advancing in the instructional design field? If so, review the education options provided by Franklin University:

Bio: Barbara Carder, M.S. is a content editor in the International Institute for Innovative Instruction (i4) at Franklin University. She completed her master’s program at Franklin as well as the Graduate Certificate for Instructional Design. Carder has been a member of the Central Ohio chapter of ATD for many years, and enjoys networking with other education professionals.


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